Saturday, March 6, 2010

In His Defense...

I just have to mention that anything I share on this blog is intended to be from my perspective, as the mother, so if I appear to be complaining about what I am going through, I am very aware that what my son is experiencing is so much worse. I can share some of his words, but I will never be able to share what he is feeling inside. I realize that his childhood is being ambushed by this disease and if there is anything my husband and I could do to take this away from him, we would in an instant. Though I feel pain for myself and the rest of my family for all we are going through, it is my son who I pray over everynight for complete healing. 


  1. If you return to the past, all the way back, to the tenex, you may discover the origin of psychosis mood cycling etc. My son was put on tenex and his symptoms worsened --he was sobbing, weak, dizzy more anxious not feeling right, and became vicious. After six weeks, I took him off. He takes Ativan periodically. How can you not see that your son's evolving profile of symptoms are/were not caused by these potent drugs???

  2. When my son went on Tenex, we saw the first step of improvement.

    Prior to Tenex (his first medication) he was anxious, had sensory issues, impulsiveness, violent rages and wanted to die, he also heard voices a few times and had thoughts of hurting us. When we put him on Tenex, we all saw an improvement.

    When we tried to remove Tenex at one point, his impulsivity increased and he threatened a child at school and stole something from a store all within one week. He explained that he felt out of control and wanted his medicine back. When we added the Tenex back, things got better.

  3. You don't sound at all like you're complaining. You sound like a mother who's advocating for her child while taking the time to process how it makes you feel. Having that insight can only help you all. Thank you for the gift of sharing with others.