Friday, March 26, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing

Well our week of bliss came to an end last night after increasing our son’s dose of Trileptal to the full dose, as directed by his doctor. He was on a 1/2 dose for the first week to slowly give his body a chance to adapt to the medication, and it was on this 1/2 dose that we saw such amazing improvement.

Once we went to the full dose, I started to notice some impulsivity. When I picked him up from school yesterday, it was obvious that things were not right with him. He was overly sensitive and could barely complete his homework through tears of frustration. The days prior, on the lower dose, he was actually having fun doing long division, even claiming to be one of the best in his class at it. Then today, he couldn’t even figure out how to construct a division problem, now claiming that he was the worst in his class.

As evening approached, things continued to escalate at the gym. When I picked the kids up at the gym’s childcare (after being there less than an hour), the childcare workers approached me with a look of exhaustion, explaining that our son had been out of control. He impulsively ran out of the emergency exit, then once brought back, refused to go into a timeout. When I called my son to me, I noticed right away that he was struggling. He had this crazy look in his eye and immediately started talking rudely to the staff and talking back to me with a lot of attitude. After apologizing to the staff, feeling embarrassed and disappointed I headed home.

Just minutes after getting home, he hurt his brother. Then when I was trying to get him into his room for a timeout, he looked right at me, then “Bam!” another head butt to my face. So there, with a fat lip, I struggled to hold him on the ground, as I waited for my husband to come to my rescue.

For both my husband and myself, it was obvious that the higher dose was the source of all this behavior. So we finished the night by lowering his dose back to where we were and prayed that this would bring us back to our week of bliss.

I have to admit, that even when you try to prepare for set backs, they still hit you hard (like a head butt to the face). We felt almost teased by our great week and I know that our son felt the same. Several times in the day, he would yell that his medicine wasn’t working and that we shouldn’t have increased the dose. I agree, my precious son.

So today we start a new day and I still have my dancing shoes sitting out, ready to celebrate another smile and giggle. I am hopeful that the doctor will agree with the lower dose and that my son will find his bliss once again.

As I watched him head off to school today there was a skip in his step and a smile on his face, I am feeling very optimistic!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that. Your last blog was such good news. I hope the lower dose works for him.
    Love you,