Thursday, April 22, 2010

...And Glasses Too!

Well, we just found out that our son needs eye glasses. I’m thrilled to see that he has a good attitude about it, he even woke up early this morning because he was thinking about getting them. Once I explained to him how his world will look different with a pair of glasses, he’ll see details that he’s never seen before and be amazed when he can read all the way across Target (something I remember experiencing myself when I got glasses) he has been very excited.

But, there is this little piece of me that is sad. Not that I don’t think he’ll look adorable with his glasses, but that he’ll be teased by his peers. We all know how cruel kids can be and with our son’s mood disorder, he already is having a hard time making friends and fitting in at times.

I know I can’t protect him from life, but did he really need yet another thing to feel different?


  1. eh. he can always get contacts in a couple years.

  2. As a mentally ill fourteen year old (Schizoaffective, psychotic and mood symptoms), who has had glasses since the fourth grade (and has many friends with them), I can say with little doubt kids do not really get teased for wearing glasses, at least not anymore. They are extremely common, during some of my classes almost filling up half the amount of students. To most kids, they are normal, uninteresting and not significant. While I'm sure that there are some children who still tease those who need glasses, it is a rare occurrence.


  3. Oh thank you so much Ericka for sharing your experience, I'm so glad to hear that in your experience kids are not mean about glasses. You make a good point that they are more common, and they are much more fashionable then when I was a kid!