Friday, April 9, 2010

Keeping It All Together

We’re starting to see very subtle changes in our son. Over the last three days he’s been showing small signs of stress. Last night he even said he felt like the medicine wasn’t working anymore. But he’s also back at school after vacation and transitions are always a challenge so I wouldn’t call this a set back, but it does raise a red flag that I’m watching closely.

Living this experience reminds me of repairing a broken vase. After picking up all the pieces, a specialist recommends the best glue to put the vase back together. Once the pieces are back in place, I fill the vase with water and fresh flowers. For the first week, I’m enjoying the beauty of this vase and make plans for all the things I can do with it. Then out of nowhere, the vase has a small leak, water begins to dribble down the sides. I start to panic, only a little and try to figure out if I used the wrong glue, or if I just need more glue? Making the wrong decision either way can cause the vase to fall apart and I want to do everything I can to prevent that from happening.

So last night, in order to repair our son’s “small leak”, we increased his medication a very small amount. We are praying that this is what he needs to keep it all together.

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