Monday, April 12, 2010

Recuperating and Rebuilding

The last few weeks have been a time of recuperating. Our son is doing good with the recent increase of medication and life feels...normal.

I’ve really noticed the wear on my body lately from all the stress. When you’re in the middle of chaos and stress, you keep moving forward, but once you stop, your body doesn’t want to get back up. It reminds me of my college days, I would study with such intensity before my finals, then once semester break hit, I would come down with an illness. Sound familiar?

This just happened, nothing serious, just a bad cold and a feeling of not wanting to do anything. I’ve felt so run down lately and if you know me personally, you’ll know I’m a gal constantly on the move. So I’ve decided to listen to my body and rest. I’ve even put projects on hold so I can be LAZY!

The other thing that has taken place is my son and I have started a hobby together. We got hermit crabs! I say this is a hobby, because once you start, it can be addicting. We’ve spent a lot of “together” time researching crabs and their habitats and creating a pretty cool tank with 4 crabs. We enjoy it so much that we want to upgrade to a 28 gallon tank and get some softball size crabs. Now I have to admit, the crabs are a lot of fun, but spending quality time with my son that doesn’t involve therapy has been such a treat, it has been a time of rebuilding our own relationship and filling my heart with happiness.


  1. You have to take care of yourself mama bear, before you can take care of others. The mama in most of us puts our children first, and us second. I am so glad to see you are taking time to relax. And I am glad your crabs seem to be working, too. They may come in handy when there is nothing in the fridge to eat....Don't forget the two other boys, tho. It may be hard for them when the spotlight is always on the oldest, whether for good or bad reasons. Maybe finding a special hobby to do with each of them would be a good thing?

  2. The stress wears on my body as well. Especially when my son is having a hard time - my body can now go into an instant stress reaction, like a PTSD reaction :(

  3. Just read your blog, and am thinking that you and I could be the sane person? I too have 3 sons, 6, 3, and 2. The oldest has been a challenge since day 1, and none of our doctors would give him a proper diagnosis, but would presrcibe the "big gun" medications! After reading The Bipolar Child, I called Dr. papolos and took my son up to Connecticut to see him. This was last summer, and now he carries the bp diagnosis, along with a few others. Our home life is still a mess, abd we struggle each day with some issue or another. Thanks for posting! It is nice to see that I am not the only one who is wondering how in the works this became my life?

  4. Hillary,
    Thanks for reading my posts. I’m impressed that you went to Connecticut to see Dr.Papolos. What was that experience like? Was it hard to see this dr., being very popular and all? Do you feel better knowing what your child has, or is it more terrifying to know?