Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today was a big milestone, my son got his braces put on! This is huge since we’ve had to put this step on hold for about a year until we felt he could handle the tension and discomfort this would cause. With the recent stability my son has felt, we thought this was the best time to do it. So far, I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s definitely feeling the pain and we did see his emotions rise up in him, but it was short lived and easy for him to recover from.

More than anything, I’m so proud to see the recent mature changes in him. He too feels the same, reminding me with a grin that he’s only 3 years away from becoming a teenager. But with this pride, comes a step in the right direction. He’s become more helpful at home and sometimes apologizes for doing wrong. He even wanted to wash my car by himself and he did!

As for the braces, he’s showing maturity in wanting to take care of them and accepting the pain as “part of growing up”. In the past, this would’ve never been possible and the pain he felt would’ve been redirected back at us. But instead, tonight when he started to show signs of stress, I just offered an evening of geocaching (a form of treasure hunting) and he was able to forget the pain and have fun with mom.

As for the medication reduction, so far it’s going good. We’ve reduced the Tenex in half and hope to remove it completely, leaving him on the mood stabilizer, Trileptal. We’ve seen subtle changes, he’s appeared more intense a few times and had one rage, but considering that he’s been wearing spacers in his mouth the whole week, preparing for the braces, we can only assume that he’s reacting to the discomfort and not the reduction in medication. Even today, he said that he was doing good with his braces because Trileptal was helping him. Then he giggled and said that he’d be screaming in pain without it.

Last night, when we were talking about how good he’s been feeling lately, he mentioned that before Trileptal he “felt sad all the time, but didn’t have anything to feel sad about”. Now, he’s starting to forget how bad he use to feel. WOW!  Three months with a mood stabilizer can make a world of difference not only in his life, but in his memory. I really hope this continues and he can forget it all!

So tonight I’m just happy to share that we’re both smiling, but one of us has cool new braces!


  1. I am happy for you both! I will pray that it continues!

  2. How funny, they say my son is going to need braces too. Seriously, can these kids get a break! LOL

    Glad it is going well. Yay for happy kids! :)

  3. I'm happy to hear that things are going well. Give my nephew a kiss for me.
    Love you,