Friday, June 11, 2010

Get a Hobby!

Since I’m anonymous on this blog, I can easily admit that I’m a huge fan of the reality show The Housewives of New York City on Bravo. I seriously love watching all the drama on this show. If you’ve been watching too, you already know that a season long fight took place between two of the housewives over the comment “Get a Hobby!”

This makes me laugh on more than one level, because I’ve actually found this to be rather good advice. What was intended to be an offensive comment to one housewife, has turned out to be a really good thing in my life.

Going through all these challenges with my son, I’ve gotten lost in trying to help him and I’ve stopped having fun somewhere along the way. I became obsessed with reading everything I could to help my son, researching symptoms in the library, spending hours on the web, all good stuff, but that’s how I spent all my free time.

Now that my son has found stability with his recent medication, things have calmed down a lot, so I actually got a hobby! What makes it even more fun is that I share this hobby with my son. We spend hours together sharing this new interest. Not only am I having fun again, but my relationship with my son has been mending through this time. We’re spending time focused on something other than his challenges and I’m enjoying a whole new side to my son. It’s really been a lot of fun!

However, I know that so many parents of mood disorder kids are far from having this type of quality time with their kids. I’m sure this post must seem ridiculous compared to what they’re living right now, but if you happen to find that sweet spot of stability, I highly encourage you to “get a hobby” and to do it together.”

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