Saturday, August 7, 2010


I’ve written a lot about my son’s mood disorder challenges, but today I’m proud to share one of his amazing talents.

My son is blessed with a creative mind, really he is. He’s like MacGyver when it comes to building stuff, give him some tape and string and watch what he creates. In fact, he uses so much tape that I have to stock up on it. And if there’s cardboard in our house, watch out!

Once, when my son wanted a DS game system, he built one out of cardboard and tape, with a flip screen and all. He also loves building multi-level forts out of everything in his room, one fort even had a built-in drinking system.

Another time, he took old playing cards and cut individual designs out of each one, bending the card to fold into unique 3D designs. Then there’s the legos, which he can spend hours with, but what impresses me the most is his attention to details, I always tell him he would make a great engineer someday.

It’s so fun to watch him get into that “builder mode”, you can see it in his face, he gets this intense, driven look on his face, experimenting as he creates his latest invention. This is when he truly seems his happiest. On several occasions, we’ve given him old electronics such as broken VCRs and cameras and hand him a screw driver and off he goes for hours dismantling it, then recreating something new. I think he has more fun creating things than actually playing with his finished pieces.

As much as my son faces pain brought on by his brain chemistry, I think his brain is extrodinary in so many other ways. I know that someday he’ll be able to use this creative talent to do something very special in the world, just as he’s doing today... with a whole lot of tape.


  1. I struggle with depression and I have learned that when I am creative it helps tremendously. It is my therapy! I really believe using your right brain sends off endorphins that really help with the moods. I am so glad you encourage that creativity with your son. My daughter dances and I think that helps her too. She also loves being creative as well. And I think a lot of stars-actors deal with mental illness as well-that's what makes them so great at what they do-Robin Williams I heard is bipolar. There is always something good that comes from the not so great.

  2. Pdog is the exact same way! You should see what he can create out of legos. I think it's very common for those with mental disabilities to be creative. At least in my experience.