Monday, August 23, 2010

Shades of Happiness

Last week, we visited my son’s therapist and he definitely recognized that things have gotten a lot worse. So we all agreed it was time to increase my son’s mood stabilizer, Trileptal. Since then, we’ve done a gradual increase and have seen a major improvement. In fact, tonight at our dinner table, we had an amazing time. We were all laughing, sharing stories of our day and just being silly. It’s like our whole family was feeling relief from the mood stabilizer.

Today, I happen to be reading a book called House Rules, by Jodi Picoult. In this book a character describes how mental illness, Asperger’s Syndrome in this story, affects more than just the individual. The character compared it to a red shirt being washed and bleeding, turning the other clothes pink. This was such a perfect description of our life, whatever color our son is, we too will turn a shade of it. (Picoult, 2010)

I’m thrilled to say that we’re all turning a pretty shade of happy right now. Not only has the irritability disappeared, but my son is smiling and showing acts of kindness, his painful fog has been lifted.

I thought it was significant when my son shared how the boy seated next to him at school was bothering him, by bumping into him and having mean expressions on his face. When I asked if he could tolerate it until our meeting with his teacher, he said, “ya, I can deal with it for at least a month!”

* * *

House Rules
By Jodi Picoult


  1. I read that book too. It is a great book and you are right that analogy as well as so many other things said in the book we can relate too. It was very therapeutic reading that book at times. Enjoy your son's happiness.

  2. Love the red clothes analogy. SO, so very true! I love Jodi Picoult books, but haven't read that one. I will have to check it out that the librarty. Enjoy your happy days. Cherish them while they're here!