Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting an MRI

Well we survived the MRI. It all went pretty well. For those that haven’t been through it, here’s a peek into our day.

We had to wake our son up at 6:15 am for his final meds and a drink of clear fluids, than after that he had to fast until after the MRI was complete.

At 8:15 we checked into our hospital. Since he was going under general anesthesia, he had to be admitted as an outpatient. This increased our copay a lot, but we’re so thankful to have insurance, I won’t complain.

At 9:15 we were pulled into a separate room where the doctor told us that if we used gas to knock him out prior to putting in the IV, we would be increasing his risks for something bad to happen. She said that the danger zone increases in length the older they get. So for a baby, this is a low risk option, but for our son, the risk increases dramatically.

So, out goes the plan to use gas to prevent him from becoming upset over the IV. But fortunately, things worked out pretty good.

Next, she had our son drink a small dose of medication that would make him “silly drunk”, as our doctor described it. They were so right! Within minutes, our son was acting funny, we were all laughing as we watched him try and carry a conversation and sit in a chair.

At one point, I started to video tape him and I asked him what he wanted to say to himself, since he would have no memory of this moment. He looked into my camera phone and said, “Helllooo (insert his name), I’m from the fuuuture.” (while doing a funny hand motion). I have to say that we’re all still laughing about that today and he loves watching the video clip.

Based on his reaction to this medication, I knew we were going to be ok with putting the IV in while he was awake. Once he was lifted onto his gurney, I started to do a head massage to keep him distracted while they put in the IV. Once they were done, he looked at his hand and in a very calm, curious tone he said, “Hey, there’s a shot in my hand.”

Then, they wheeled him away into the exam room where we were not allowed.

Yes, I cried at this moment. There’s that gut wrenching moment when your child is taken from you and you have to wait for his return. It just felt so wrong, I wanted to be by his side. Thankfully, I had a feeling that he would be ok and I was able to pull it together while we headed to the waiting room.

About an hour later, we were called into the recovery room to see him. He was sound asleep hooked up to monitors and a mask on his face. We were told that he needed to wake up slowly so he didn’t have a bad reaction, becoming violent and wanting to take off. This is a side effect of general anesthesia, so our doctor gave him some extra medication to help him sleep a little longer to avoid this side effect. We were also warned that his throat may hurt from the tube they put down it, as well as, bruising on his lips and possible damage to his teeth. Our prayers were answered that he was free from all of these side effects. He slept so long that the nurse finally woke him up, knowing we were now out of the danger zone.

Our son woke up very slowly and was surprised to not remember much of anything. Once home, it took him another few hours to become active and want to eat again.

Towards the second half of the day, he started to have mood swings. We could tell he was having a hard time controlling himself, then his mood would switch from anger to sadness very quickly. I wasn’t too surprised this was happening since he’d been through so much that day.

I’m happy to report that he woke up great today and seemed to be stable. Now we’re anxiously awaiting the report from the neurology department and I’m letting out a big sigh of relief that the MRI went so well.


  1. Funny Video! When do you hear from the neurologist? I too am anxiously waiting....hope to hear soon.

  2. Hope you don't have to wait long- I find the wait is the hardest part.

  3. I hope to hear from the neurologist this week. It’s possible that they’ll send their report to our psychiatrist, then she’ll contact us with the results. Your right GB’s Mom, waiting is very hard.

  4. So glad to hear that it went smoothly! Carter hasn't had an MRI since he was a baby. Sounds like the process is pretty different.

    And holy cow, post-anesthesia? It can be such a nightmare! Carter had dental surgery last summer and I basically had to restrain him for two hours in the recovery room; poor kid was terrified. I'm so glad your son didn't experience that!

  5. Wow Adrienne, I heard it was bad, even scary for the parents to witness a past anesthesia reaction, but 2 hours of restraining, poor Carter and poor you!

  6. Great news about the MRI going well and him not having a bad reaction form anaesthesia. When I was in the hospital I kept trying to take out my breathing tube and IV's. It was scary.

  7. So glad you had a good experience with the MRI! I hope you find some answers soon. Keep us posted!

  8. Thanks for sharing about your son's MRI, Mama Bear. I need to get one for my daughter, too. Hope you get the results soon, and I look forward to reading about them here!