Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Increase in Trileptal

Yesterday, we increased his Trileptal dose again. He remains below the recommended dose with his weight, but because he’s so sensitive to the medication we have to take it slow. We decided to increase it because he was starting to cry for no reason or as he says, “have trouble controlling my anger”. He was showing a pattern of struggling around 3 pm everyday, so this was a good indicator that his morning dose was running out before his afternoon dose. Thankfully, all those mood charts are helping us make these important decisions.

I’ve been impressed with the recent maturity we’ve seen in our son during this time. To hear him say, “my moods have been changing all day. First I’m angry, then I’m sad and then I’m happy. It happens like this all day long”. I love his new ability to express exactly what he’s feeling, it just makes everything so much easier, I also tend to think he’s less likely fight us when he can express what’s going on inside.

Another thing we’ve noticed is his new ability to search for ways to cope with his moods. This past week he was having a breakdown at school since he was stressed about having to do homework. At one point, he dropped to the ground crying and saying that he just needed to go to a peaceful place like the ocean. He then asked through tears if he could go out into the field we were parked next to and do his homework alone in a peaceful place. I said, YES! So off he went into the field and hid behind some trees in the distance and working for about 30 minutes until his homework was done. Once done, he came back to us in a much better mood.

Last night he ran to me saying he was having trouble controlling his anger and needed help. This happened before he took his anger out on anyone, it was a wonderful moment.

He’s becoming more of a participant in his own wellness and this gives me a lot of hope for his future.


  1. What awesome progress! That does give you hope for the future!

  2. That is amazing, and I am so glad to hear it!!! Way to go little man for expressing that you need help!!

  3. How did you get him to do that/!?!!?! Please teach me. Things have been not so great with us. PDog is on Trileptals sister, Tegretol. It's working to a point, but we also just increased the dose because he was still having violent break downs at school. Ahhhh school, a whole different set of issues. Sigh...

    Congrats, I'm so happy to hear things are going well for you!!!!