Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hooray for Haunted Houses

Last night, my son asked if he could go to the neighborhood haunted house. They had two versions, one for the little kids and a scary version for the big kids.

My son wanted to go to the scary version. This shocked us all since he hates crowds and loud noises, let alone unexpected things.

At first when we showed up, he decided it was too loud to go, but wanted to try again after dinner. So after an hour we headed back and to our pleasant surprise he did it! He had to wait in line for 30 minutes, but actually made a friend with a very chatty girl around his age. Afterwards, he came out with a smile ear to ear and said it wasn’t too scary and he had a lot of fun. Did you catch that, he had A LOT of FUN!!!

He later shared that his favorite part was talking to the girl in line, isn’t that sweet! I think it was a successful night in trying new things, making new friends and going outside his comfort zone.

On the flip side (isn’t there always a flip side), my youngest has developed a big fear of all things halloween, so much so, that I can’t even take him into a Target until the halloween decorations are down, so the little one and I sat in the car while we waiting for the fun adventure to be over.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. I am thrilled to hear he had a good time!! That's wonderful, Mama!!!!

  2. I am glad he had a good time. He deserves a break. My oldest hates scary Halloween things. She even remembers the houses that were to scary last year and plans on avoiding them this year. LOL