Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Standing Up

Recently, we were at a gathering where all the kids were playing in one room and the parents were visiting in the other. During this time, our son became upset with his youngest brother and was rough with him in front of the other kids. After this incident, our 7 year old middle child overheard all the kids talking about his big brother and how mean he is and how bad he was.

Feeling uncomfortable with the situation, our middle son asked me later that night what he should do in these situations. He explained that he knew he wasn’t allowed to talk about his big brother’s illness with the other kids, but he still felt like he should do something.

When I asked him what he did do, I was utterly impressed! He explained that he turned to all the other kids and said, “you need to stop talking about my big brother because you’re making me uncomfortable!”

Wow! I looked at him and told him how proud I was because he handled that better than I could’ve myself. I don’t know if I’ll ever know the right answer to these situations, but his response seemed perfect to me. I also admired his courage to stand up to the group, where remaining quiet would’ve been so much easier.

I also realized that as my boys grow, they will be facing new challenges with their brother’s illness. Instead of just the day to day relationship with their big brother, they’ll be faced with peer issues. How other kids may react to their brother and what impact that has on them. This is definitely new territory for us, but after hearing how my middle child handled himself, I think we’re headed in the right direction.


  1. i really feel srry abt that...but you cannot control the thoughts of others or can't expect others to behave the way u want or expect them to

  2. You’re right Edwin.

    My hope is that through education and awareness, the behaviors of others won't be so hurtful.