Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We’re Doing OK

I’m happy to report, that since our last increase in Trileptal a month ago, we’ve seen a lot more stability. Things are still a challenge and there are days that he’s right on the line of going into a rage, but usually he comes back from that line. I can also tell that he’s handling stressors much better as he gets older. It seems he’s better able to pinpoint the things that are making him mad.

We had a bad day last week where he was very irritable, but he was able to explain that he was being teased by a student that sits next to him. I was happy that he was able to define his stress, which gave me the opportunity to resolve it.

Yesterday he was feeling stressed and had several moments of sadness for no reason. At one point, he told me that he wanted to get out of the house, that he needed to get away from everyone so he could deal with his feelings. Again, I thought this was great, he was able to recognize that he was overloaded and was thinking of ways to decompress.

This is very encouraging to me, it seems a lot of the same stressors are there, but his reactions to them are less severe.

We’ve recently discovered a form of exercise that he enjoys. With all his social anxieties he wants nothing to do with organized sports and in the past, his anxieties made bike riding too stressful, often leading to a rage. But with the medication reducing his anxieties, he was able to go for a very long bike ride with his dad and brother this weekend. They all had a blast, I think my son felt such peace in taking off and traveling for miles on his bike. Tonight, they’re planning another bike ride and I hope he has the same positive experience.

We’ve come a long way and I think we’re all getting wiser on how to manage and avoid stressors, his medication makes that possible. I guess you can say that we’re doing A-Ok!

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