Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Rage

The night was almost over and my 3 boys were heading up to bed after a fun night of trick or treating. In a quick moment, our son became upset with his middle brother and impulsively pushed him hard. As we comforted his brother, he went into a rage.

Dad kept him in his room while he continued to rage for about 25 minutes. He was kicking, hitting and throwing stuff at Dad the entire time, until his body couldn’t fight anymore. After that, he was overheating and having trouble breathing, if you asked me, it looked like a panic attack. He said he felt like he was going to die because he felt so sick. I tried to reassure him that he’d be ok and that he was just feeling the surge of chemicals in his body and that the adrenaline would soon calm down. We covered him with cold wash cloths and worked with him to calm his breathing. He still felt overheated, so we put him in a cold bath for another 30 minutes until he felt better.

In the other room, his middle brother affirmed that he loved his brother whether he was raging or not, he’d always love his brother. The youngest brother anxiously checked the door to make sure he was safe inside his room, so big brother wouldn’t come in, all while they listened to the screams of rage coming from the other room.

After it was all over, our son wanted to talk. He shared that he felt scared. He felt scared of his own strength and what damage he could do during the rage.

So today I called our therapist. I think it’s time to have our son work one-on-one with him. In the past, our therapist has only quickly checked-in with our son, then spent the rest of the appointment alone with me to find out our challenges and teach me how to handle them.

But now, since my son is getting older and is more in touch with his feelings, I think it’s time to try therapy that’s focused on direct communication with my son. Our biggest challenge will be for our son to feel safe and comfortable enough to open up during the session.

As for today, we’re starting our Monday morning a little worn down and my son woke up a little rough around the edges so I’m preparing for what the day may bring by praying and clothing myself with patience.


  1. Oh no :( I wondered if you were going to get any backlash from the haunted house. My son often has a backlash of fear from those things days later.

  2. Praying for you to be covered in comfort, peace, understanding and wisdom beyond what you have by yourself. Hugs hugs and more hugs.

  3. Sometimes your posts are "eerie" (had to do it with Halloween and all) because our son's appear to have some of the exact same issues. I can so understand this night and have lived many, many of them myself. :)

  4. Raging sucks. It's like you don't have any control and you know you're in the wrong but you can't stop.

  5. So sorry your Halloween ended like that. I think it's a great sign that your son at least wants to talk about things when he calms down. And I think your idea of having him start to work directly with your therapist is a good one. Keep us posted...

  6. Thanks everyone for your feedback! I have an appointment with our therapist next week, we'll see how it goes....