Monday, November 15, 2010

Really People???

Ok, so I’m a little fired up this morning. As I was placing my daily vote for the Pepsi Refresh Project to help the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (CABF) win $250,000 to help children suffering from depression and bipolar disorder, I took a peek at who is currently in the lead for winning this amazing grant. It’s an organization that wants to help rescue animals in underserved areas.

Really people???

Now, don’t think I’m a total jerk for not showing compassion for animals, I do like animals, but I love our children more. I would be at peace if the winner was runner up #2 who is trying to help babies with cystic fibrosis, now that sounds like an equally worthy cause, but for voters to be putting animals before the wellness of children just makes me sick. What is wrong with us?

People need to realize that our children are seriously hurt by this illness. They are NOT “moody kids” that just like to defy their parents. These kids suffer in a way most of us have never known.

They battle a war everyday inside their heads, fighting against their chemical instincts. They don’t see the joy that surrounds their life because their brain makes them see sadness instead. Their stomachs twist with anxiety when sitting in their classrooms and they’re overwhelmed with the pressure to make friends that they often choose to sit alone during recess while the kids tease them from a far. The simple joys of childhood are taken from them when they can’t enjoy birthday parties, movie theaters and amusement parks. They live everyday feeling like they’ve messed up again when their moods make them act out and the stigma of their illness makes them believe it’s all their fault. Instead of bedtime dreams of being a superhero or king of a castle, they have terrifying nightmares seeing themselves being eaten alive by monsters, every time they go to sleep. During their waking hours they hear voices and see scary men living in dark corners. Sometimes, their bodies are taken over by their illness, making them act out in dangerous ways and other times their illness makes them feel so miserable that they would rather die than live another day. Sometimes, this illness does just that.

My son is incredibly loved but his illness makes him feel “worthless”. I hope people can prove him wrong and vote for this great cause everyday, please, don’t let our animals be valued more than these innocent children that are begging for help.


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  1. I don't know what it's like in the US but in Australia there is a major pet store, I mean HUGE pets store in every shopping block. It's crazy!! People don't have kids now they have pets and are willing to spend a fortune on them. So I am not one bit surprised that an animal group is in the lead. Makes me crazy with an epileptic/bipolar daughter and an other epileptic little one at home that all those conditions have various foundations but have limited government and community support.