Monday, November 22, 2010

Visions of Monsters

This week continues to be rough. Today, I’m busy packing for our trip, the boys are on their first day of vacation and bored already. Add to it, my son’s moods have been all over the place.

He’s been very impulsive, defiant and at times running to hide under tables. When he isn’t picking on his brothers he’s feeling sad and crying for no reason. It looks like rapid cycling. Sometimes his moods will be completely different minutes apart.

At one point, I had him go hang out in his room since he was having fun scaring his brothers with his impulsive energy. After a few minutes, I went to check on him and when I walked into his room he was startled, then started to cry. Then something happened. He started to panic, he ran to his bed and started screaming out in terror. His face looked distorted with fright and his pupils seems to enlarge. He grabbed onto his head board and crunched up into the farthest corner of his bed. Every time he looked up at me, his anxiety intensified. He started pointing up to my face and screamed out “MONSTER!!”

I calmly told my son that it was just his mom and that I wasn’t going to hurt him, just help him. He continued to pull into into the corner, whimpering, trying to get as far from me as possible. It was terrorizing him to even look my way. I slowly crunched down towards the floor to appear less frightening and waited for this vision to pass.

After several moments, he came back to his senses and I was able to slowly take him into my arms for a hug. Once he seemed relaxed I tucked him into bed and told him to rest for a bit. Five minutes later he came out to asked who had called on the phone acting like nothing had happened. Then 5 minutes later he came back to me crying saying he wasn’t feeling well and his moods keep changing.

Well that’s our day so far, it’s only 3:45 pm and there’s more day ahead. Hopefully the monster vision won’t return.


  1. Oh girl, you can't take him on a trip like this. He needs an antipsychotic. It's likely the stress of the trip will make this worse. I'd call the pdoc and get an antipsychotic for prn use so he gets some relief.

  2. That does not sound like a fun day at all. My son goes from screaming angry to hyper silly in about two minutes time too. It's very hard for everyone involved. We are having some success with Risperdal. Any thought to trying an atypical antipsychotic?

  3. HUGS and HUGS and more. I wish we could help, but we are thinking of you!!!!

  4. You may be right Meg. I did contact our Pdoc and the nurse called us back and said that they want us to do the final increase of his meds so that he is now at the max does of Trileptal before adding another new drug. Also, they don't want us to travel with a new med, they want to wait until we get back before something new is introduced.

    I’m really feeling tired tonight from all the mood swings, I’m constantly having to run into the room he’s in to stop his behavior because he’s made his brothers scream for one reason or another, it’s given me a lot of anxiety today, along with the stress of trying to get stuff done for the trip. I didn’t even take a shower today since I didn’t want to leave him out of my care for even a few minutes.

    I’m looking forward to bedtime tonight, for us all.

  5. Hugs to you! As much as I hate to say it, traveling may not be a good thing. You may end up at a psych hospital out of town and that would be awful. We have had to cancel many of our family trips due to unstable conditions of my daughter. It is a bummer for everyone, but at least we were able to keep her safe and within driving distance of her pdoc. Praying for you!

  6. Man, that sounds really scary. I've never experienced that before, well...not without the help of other things. When I first got to the foster home I'm in now, I was terrified of everything. It's been about 3 or so weeks since I had an "outburst" or whatever they're called. Garret stays pretty close to me when I'm having a rough day and lets me follow him around.

  7. Mama- I would call the pdoc back and explain the hallucinations. If he is seeing monsters he could really hurt himself or someone else trying to get rid of them. Emphasize that he is a danger to himself and others when he is like this and really insist. It is not a big deal to give him the lowest dose of an antipsychotic for occasional use and it could really help you all. It really doesn't count as adding an extra med as you won't use it around the clock. If you have an emergency while traveling and he is hospitalized the first thing they will do to calm him is give him an AP and having one with you could save you all a lot of drama and heartache. I will not ever travel without one for my son (and I consider him to be stable).

  8. I'm looking forward to bedtime for you.

    Has he ever been afraid of you before? If this is a new symptom has your pdoc considered it may be caused by the trileptal. I agree with Meg that your pdoc needs to be taking this very seriously and working to come up with a plan with you t to insure safety.

    Hang in there!!