Monday, December 20, 2010


Yesterday, we had a fun day with family, we even got to decorate cookies in the dark by candlelight because the power went out in our area. In all the fun, I forgot to give my son his afternoon medication. Other than some hyperness, which I blamed on the fact that we had company over, he seemed fine. That is until bedtime.

Once it was time for bed, my son’s anxiety began to increase, he was afraid the power would go out again and someone would come into his room and kill him. This anxiety kept him up pretty late last night.

This makes me wonder if his anxieties have played a part with his extreme reaction to timeouts. There have been many timeouts where he seems terrified to go into his room, other times he’s mentioned that he feels like someone wants to come in and kill him after his rage. I can see how a few experiences like this can make you extremely opposed to timeouts.

It also makes me wonder if his visions of monsters are coming from intense anxieties, he feels so frightened because his body goes into a state of alarm, making his brain see stuff.

Whatever is going on, I hope we can take some positive steps forward today when we meet our new therapist for the first time today. Our last therapist told us that our son was too young for cognitive therapy, but I really think they can do something. My son is very articulate in expressing himself, he just needs to build up some trust before he can open up.

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  1. Sweet boy. I hope the new therapist is a little more forward thinking!!!!