Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great News, YAY!!!

I’m doing a happy dance! Last night, I went to my church small group and shared with them what my son was going through. Afterwards, a woman in my group offered to help, sharing that her mom works in our HMO and has access to a lot of important individuals. By the end of our gathering, she tells me that she has already gotten in touch with her mom. When I get home (it’s 9:30 pm), I find an email from this woman reporting that her mother has already contacted the Director of Psychiatry in my area and his response was that my son’s introduction of hallucinations absolutely warrants an immediate, in-person consultation with a licensed psychiatrist and that someone should have found a way to see him. He emphasized that it had to be a psychiatrist as psychologists can’t prescribe and adjust medications and that speaking with a nurse and having them as a go-between was unacceptable as our insurance would pay for the visit under those circumstances.

(are you feeling a happy dance coming on???)

Then the director told this woman that psychiatrists that treat and specialize in bipolar disorders in children are uncommon. He also felt that based on my son’s symptoms, he agreed it was at least something of that nature and certainly more than your average teenaged angst, behavioral problems or ADHD. With all that said, he said that he knows of a couple of psychiatrists, but they may have moved out of our area. So he’s going to check for a child bipolar psychiatrist and if they can’t find one within a 50 mile radius of our area, he will contact some of his colleagues in another HMO system for us to see and our HMO will pay for it.

(Woo hooo!! Are we dancing yet!!!)

Then, I just have to share how good God has been in answering our prayers. During this same small group last night, I got a personal call from the top psychiatrist for bipolar disorder in my city. Yeah, I was that desperate, I research doctors winning top awards in our city and found her number. I spoke with the secretary, but it didn’t sound promising that I would get a call back. Well, she called me and though she doesn’t treat kids under 14, she gave me a name of someone to contact who may know a doctor in our system.

Then, I got an email from my son’s kidney specialist and he said he would research doctors in his city (about 2 hours from us) and gave us a name to start with.

As icing on the cake, another woman in my small group who has a bipolar daughter who is in her 20s has arranged to meet with me tonight to help me navigate within my HMO. She too has the same doctor as our son and agrees that this phychiatrist is not a good listener. Through the years, she has had to push her way through this system to get the help her daughter needed. Today her daughter is stable and attending college.

I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. I feel like things are moving in the right direction. My husband and I both agree that if the end result was to start my son on Risperdal, it would be something we would accept because we would finally have a doctor that we felt was qualified and hopefully willing to listen and communicate with us. Communication is vital when it comes to having faith in your doctor’s decisions.

Last night, before I left our small group, my church family surrounded me and lifted my son and my family up in prayer. I felt that all of our needs were so beautifully addressed. At the end of the prayer, I remember our pastor praying that God would show his love for our family by bringing good to us.

Today, I’m really feeling that our prayers have been answered and I feel God’s love being abundantly poured out on us.


  1. YAY YAY YAY!! I am doing the happy dance with you!!!!!!

  2. I have tears in my eyes ... so happy for you all!

    Love ya,
    FG #3

  3. Thanks girls!

    FG #3- LOL! It took me a moment to figure out who you were, but now I get it, love ya too!!!

  4. I am soooo happy for you. I commented a few weeks ago that our sons could be twins. I soooo feel what you are going through.

    Keep us posted -- and keep on dancing!


  5. Wahoooooo! Some prayers are being answered! Keep us posted!

  6. YAY, YAY, YAY! God is so good! We will continue to pray for good answers once you see the doctor!

  7. I am so happy for you and your family. With the right team in place you all will soar!

  8. That is awesome!! We love our pdoc but he does not take insurance so we scrape by to pay him. But we find it's worth it. I hope you guys get a doctor you love in your HMO. That would be a super duper score!!! And I really think you should file a complaint with the current doctor and your insurance company about that nurse. She was completely unethical and unprofessional with her comments.