Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our New Therapist

This week we got to meet our new therapist after meeting our new psychiatrist last week. I have to share that I really like him. It’s all based on first impressions, but I think we’re off to a good start.

He was very kind, yet was able to be a little goofy to connect to my son who was hesitant when walking in. As the appointment went on, I could tell that my son was warming up to him and started to be a little silly himself.

I appreciated the fact that he kept my son in the room for the entire appointment and took time to address him specifically. He also agreed that he would start working with my son on learning new skills rather than spending the entire appointment with me, like our last therapist.

I loved how he took the time to explain to my son what he may be going through regarding his mood disorder. He explained it like this:

The brain makes mistakes sometimes. An example of this is a person who can still feel their big toe itch after having their leg amputated. In this case, the brain is making a mistake.

For some people like my son, his brain is making mistakes regarding his moods, making him feel sad when he isn’t, feeling anxiety when he shouldn’t and recently, seeing monsters that aren’t there. The brain is just making lots of mistakes and it isn’t my son’s fault.

My son seemed to really get this. The therapist went on to say that he wants to teach my son skills on how to recognize when his brain is messing up and how to distract himself until the brain is working right again. He also encourage him by pointing out to my son that he’s able to keep it together at school, so already he’s showing that he’s figured out some skills in handling his illness. As the therapist pointed out, we’re halfway there!

He then pointed out that there may be times when he won’t be able to distract himself.

He said that we need to be prepared for more medication in the future, being that most kids with his condition typically take 5 different medications. He also said that we need to be ready for the process of experimentation since kids are highly individual when it comes to side effects and what works.

At the end of the appointment I asked him if he had ever worked with our new psychiatrist and he responded with a smile, oh yeah, everyone knows him. He was the first psychiatrist in the area and started 2 of the programs that exist in the area. He’s known as the “wise man of psychiatry”.

I have to say, I’m feel pretty good. It’s going to be a very, merry, Christmas!


  1. Oh my gosh, what a relief!! He sounds much better than the other one.

  2. I like to think of people like that as Angels on Earth .... you're definitely being taken under their wings and the joy and comfort of being in that space must feel wonderful! So happy for you, your family, and mostly for your beautiful son!
    Merry Christmas, indeed!

    ~FG #3

  3. I am so glad that the new therapist sounds really good. A good pdoc and tdoc make all the difference!!