Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Dangerous Video

If you don’t mind getting a little fired up, watch the video above. I have to say that my ears are burning and I’m feeling pretty upset by this. In this video, they try and make the claim that mental illness is not a disease because you can’t test for it like you can cancer or diabetes. You can’t take a blood test or brain scan for depression or schizophrenia, therefore, it’s not a physical disease.

It seems like pretty simple logic, that is if you believe that scientists have figured out the entire human body and every disease that exists. But they haven’t. If this was the case, then years ago, before they were able to diagnosis cancer in the human body with an MRI, you would have to argue that cancer didn’t exist. You would also have to support the claim that diabetes didn’t exist before a blood test could confirm it. But we know this isn’t true. Cancer was present long before the MRI could see it.

In fact, in ancient Egypt, people believed the gods made cancer and for 1400 years people believed that cancer was caused by an excess of black bile because Hippocrates said so. It wasn’t until the 20th century that better means of diagnosis were discovered. (Fayed, 2009)

Unfortunately for my child, science doesn’t have mental illness figured out yet, though I believe they will someday, right now they’re looking into genes and brain scans. But in the meantime, I don’t deny that my child has a disease and I’ve witnessed first hand how medication has improved his life. Something diet and exercise couldn’t even touch.

And just so we’re clear, I’m not talking about making my kid focus more or not lose stuff or stop him from talking too much. No, I’m talking about removing depression, violent rages, hearing voices, seeing monsters, calming debilitating anxieties and stopping suicidal thoughts. I’m talking about saving my child from a real brain disease that science still needs to completely understand, unfortunately, we can’t wait for a cure or even a blood test, we have to work with what treatment is available today.

It’s really hurtful to see these messages being put out there. If you know anything about childhood mental illness, the examples they gave with their “check boxes” are insulting. There’s enough stigma in the world about mental illness, the last thing our kids need is for their illness to be viewed as imaginary.

What are your thoughts? Really, I would love to know!

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If you are wondering where this video came from, it’s from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) which was established in 1969 by the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles CA.
Video Uploaded on You Tube by CCHRInt on Apr 26, 2009

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about them:

The History of Cancer
By Lisa Fayed
Updated: July 8, 2009
Consulted: January 6, 2011

Video Source:
Uploaded on YouTube by  on Apr 26, 2009


  1. There is scientific evidence of how the brain of a schizophrenic differs from that of another without it. This is proven by a scan. I am bipolar and I guess I am so used to people doubting its legitimate bearing that this clip was not all that shocking. CCHR may be producing silly propaganda but hardly anyone puts stock in it. I am sorry your son has to grow up in a world with such stupidity. Hope he is doing well.

  2. You're right In the Pink, they can see evidence of schizophrenia in the brain with a brain scan now. I believe that is only possible in the last 10 years. I know research done over a 10 year period allowed them to detect schizophrenia before the symptoms appeared in the personality. They saw the brain actually shrinking in certain parts of the brain that control personality, decision making and social behavior.

    For those interested, here is a link about that:

    This just shows that science is on their way to discovering so much more when it comes to mental illness. I hope in my son's lifetime they will have a scan to diagnosis his illness. Either way, we is doing better today thanks to medication and therapy.

  3. Church of Scientology? Take it for what it is worth- absolutely nothing- nadda- zilch. While the web has improved the availability of information, to everyone's advantage, it has also allowed a lot of junk to be disseminated. Stupidity is everywhere- not just the internet. I get mad at stupidity all the time (and have since I was a little kid). I try to let it go and move on. Most of the time I can. {{{Hugs}}}

  4. This makes me angry. There ARE specific tests that can show mental illness is organic. A PET scan has been proven to show there are differences in the brain during an organic episode of depression or mania. If mental illness was NOT an organic disorder then medicine would not help it! Plain and simple.

  5. CCHR is an organization against psychiatry. They make these silly little videos to try and fool people into joining their organization. There are many diseases out there that you cannot do a blood test or a scan to diagnose. The brain is a complex organ that scientist have yet to figure out. Just because our technology is not sophisticated enough to test for mental illness does not mean it does not exist.

  6. Check out the church of Scientology on Wikipedia

    They think that we are aliens! lol

    If you don't want to read the whole thing read the Members' Health and Safety. Starving people to death and feeding them to the cockroaches is their way of supporting human rights??? What a joke!

    This sounds like a cult to me!


  7. Those who have walked the walk understand. Others either can't or won't. All I know is medicine has made a world of difference for us.

  8. I really don't know what to say about this. Sad... A famous person once said "If you ask if you have a mental illness then you don't."

    I want to hurt this person for being son ignorant, but my energy would be wasted. I would prefer to used it for good.

    No one wants to have a mental illness and take meds that could possible hurt their body. Hello!

  9. This is the most outrageous thing. Clearly they have never lived with someone with bipolar.My daughter has bipolar and once she was medicated she has had absolutely no problems. It's a medical problem no doubt in my mind!