Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sometimes We Laugh!

This week, my son and I have been pretty sick with strep throat. I always forget how bad I feel with strep throat and thanks to having young kids, I get to remember at least once a year. It’s unfortunate for my family because once I get sick, I’m pretty much useless for several days. But thankfully, I have an awesome husband that steps in and takes care of us all. He’s been cooking, running errands and taking care of the other healthy kids. He’s pretty much been Mister Mom!

Yesterday he went to pick up our youngest son from kindergarten. Our little one was so excited to see his daddy at school that he ran up and gave him a big squeeze hug around the legs. Just then, my husband realized the true results of his recent weight loss when his sweatpants dropped to his knees. As life would have it, he was standing in front of a crowd of waiting parents. Thanks to my son’s vice grip hug, it took more than a moment to pull his pants back up. I guess you can say we’re all relieved that daddy didn’t go commando!

Sometimes... life is just funny.

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  1. too funny! You are VERY lucky to have such an accomodating husband.