Sunday, March 6, 2011

Those Darn Commercials!

Just the other day I was watching tv when one of those warm and fuzzy commercials for Disneyland came on. You may know the one, where all the kids are caught on video tape as their parents surprise them by announcing,“We’re going to Disneyland!” What follows is screams of delight and images of dreams coming true as the kids enjoy the magical world of Disneyland with their family.

Those darn commercials make me cry! They make my heart ache and remind me that those type of childhood memories aren’t possible for my kids. We’re very fortunate that we went one time before my son’s illness took over, but my youngest doesn’t even remember the trip. I would so love to be spontaneous and whisk my children off to this magical kingdom, to experience the same joys that my parents gave me many summers as a kid. I loved this place so much that my husband and I went there for our honeymoon, yet now that I have a house full of children, I can’t even dream about going.

Those commercials makes me cry because it reminds me of the simple childhood my children were suppose to have, where exciting adventures were met with anticipation and joy. Those commercials remind me of the memories we aren’t creating and the memories that have turn sour.

I hate those darn commercials!

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  1. I understand where you are coming from. Our son's treatment team even told us not to take him out of state for his and our protection. These commercials make me cry, too. I so get it!

  2. may not like what I am about to say and that is okay. I was a child with bipolar disorder and went to Disneyland for my 5th or 6th birthday and loved it. I am now 28 years old with bipolar and would still go to Disneyland and love it. I am just saying that bipolar disorder doesn't have to control your life.

  3. In The Pink-I love what you have to say, that means that there is hope for things to get better. Right now my son’s anxieties and sensory issues make the environment overwhelming to him, along with the stress of waiting in line.

    We went to Legoland this past summer, the day was fun, but very modified, we only went on a few rides and at the end of the day, he had a break down, he started to have psychosis on the drive home. It was very scary. His doctors told us that they believe all the sensory stimulus in the day was too much for his brain, causing the psychosis.

    I sure hope that as he gets older we can have the same experience as you!

  4. Mama Bear's MILMarch 7, 2011 at 1:59 PM

    In my infinite "grandmother" wisdom, I can truly tell you that fond memories of childhood are not only made up of the environment we find ourselves in on occasion, but of the love of family. Fond memories based on simple things such as a song or story told before bedtime or a fun BBQ on a Saturday night out back with the family. Sometimes they are even memories, not so good at the time, that we can laugh about later. You know exactly the things I'm talking about (just ask your husband), because they are exactly the things you are lovingly providing for your sons.

  5. Thanks MIL (mother-in-law), I needed to hear that! Love you!

  6. I agree with your MIL. I grew up with a poor single mom. We had no money for fancy Disney vacations, but I have fantastic memories of my childhood. Weird things like "laundry folding parties", living room forts, and even grocery shopping trips are some of the best memories. It's all about love and the time you spend together.

    Disney will still be there when you get him stabilized a little more...

  7. We had a successful Disney trip about two years ago, when things were more stable. But we went into it with "expectation management" (and managing our own expectations too...) And there were some surprises, like the spiders in the Indiana Jones ride upset him more than the physical thrills.
    And we went to Legoland, and that had some great things, and one interminable movie experience. I'd mis-read the schedule and we were in the wrong movie. He was crying, etc, but I couldn't get him to leave the theater because this might be a preview and his movie might come on any minute.
    It is driving past soccer practice (even though I don't want to be a soccer mom) and seeing the Boy Scout meeting through a window that make me cry.

  8. Heather-Ahhh, the soccer and boy scouts, I know what you mean. This also affects the siblings, we can't participate in as many things, even if it’s for the brothers.