Sunday, April 10, 2011

Celebrating 5 Years

Today was a special day for our family, we celebrated 5 years of living in our dream home, in our new town. We moved here after our old neighborhood developed a serious gang problem during the housing boom. It was hard to leave so many friends, but we didn’t feel safe there anymore. After 5 years, we’re blessed to say that we made the right decision, we really love our new town, feel safe and have met so many wonderful people.

To honor the day, we baked a chocolate cake and watched old family movies of our little ones moving into their new home. It was so fun to watch our kids at such a young age, my youngest was learning to talk and my oldest was still in preschool. This was a time before my son’s mood disorder, so there’s a sweetness in those videos of a time when we were naive to the life we know now. My son was fresh to the world and free of the struggles he battles everyday. These videos made me smile and made me ache at the same time. I have a feeling that my son felt the same.

This day also reminded me of all we’ve gone through and how much we’ve overcome. How we now stand stronger, wiser and still hopeful for the future, scars and all. It may have been the hardest 5 years of our life, but I feel thankful for being home through it all.

I also feel like I deserve a BIG ol’ slice of that chocolate cake!