Tuesday, June 14, 2011


One of my followers sent me the song “Blessings” by Laura Story. It’s a song Laura wrote as she waited on God to answer her prayers while her husband faced a brain tumor. I was moved to tears, I find her words to be encouraging and also a reminder that our blessings don’t always come when life is going well, sometimes we are blessed as we walk through the valley.

Above is a video clip of Laura explaining the background of this song and her own journey of examining if God was blessing them by not answering their prayers.

You can hear the whole song here:

* * *

I know for me, there are blessings today and more to come. But one that comes to mind is the blessing of my son’s smile. Seeing my son smile brings me such deep joy. After walking through our valley, I never take for granted the expression of happiness that comes from my son. His smile lights up his whole face and makes his eyes shine bright. What to others may appear ordinary, for me they’re extraordinary blessings from God.

Looking back, have you felt unexpectedly blessed through your own journey?

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Thank you Nancy for sending me this song!

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  1. Mama Bear: Your walk with God is the greatest blessing I received from our dark valley of losing our son. God used that experience in the most phenomenal (sp) way possible. MIL

  2. MIL (Mother-in-law)- Thank you so much for your comment, my eyes are flooded with tears, no words can described how touched I am. I love you dearly and will forever be grateful for the gift I received by being a part of your family.