Monday, June 27, 2011

Grandparents Rock!

We’re so blessed to live near all of the boys’ grandparents. They’ve always been so supportive and loving to our family, doing whatever they can to help.

This week, we get to enjoy the shower of love when my oldest son gets to stay with my In-Laws for a fun overnight trip to their house with special activities planned just for his personality. This is a special thing they do for each of our boys during the summer. Then my middle child gets to go to my mom’s house for a few hours to take advantage of her cake decorating skills, as she teaches him how to make flowers out of icing. This leaves me with my youngest, allowing me to have some precious quality time doing what he likes without his big brothers taking over.

In addition, my dad is planning to share his talents by building electronics with my oldest and he and his wife love taking the boys geocaching for the day.

This gift of time is so priceless to our family. It allows each of our boys to feel special and enjoy one-on-one time with their grandparents, but from a medical standpoint, it helps us all recharge our batteries by having some stress free time.

Thank you Grandparents, you ROCK!

(and we love you a ton!)


  1. Time is the best gift. Enjoy!

  2. You are very blessed with grandparents close by. We have one live-in grandparent, which is an incredible help. (the others are in other states)

  3. Totally totally jealous! We have no family nearby and never get a break! It's SO hard when you have a special needs kid like ours. :(

    ENJOY your time!!!

  4. My older kids spent many of their days with my parents. It was great for us, great for them and it built wonderful memories. Glad you have family nearby.