Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Schools Out... Now What?

Now that its summer, what shall we do? So far, we plan on swimming at the clubhouse, spending time at the lake, visiting the library, doing a little geocaching, getting tours at local businesses like the cupcake shop, attempting to have playdates and...

Do you have any ideas?

Lets help one another out and share our ideas, list what you plan on doing this summer in the comments section below, I can use a few ideas, it’s going to be a long summer and boredom can be very cruel!


  1. Swim lessons are fun or going to a baseball game. I like to float down a nearby river on a float trip. Also, going on nature walks, the zoo or aquarium, or water park. I hope your family has a great summer! And don't forget to go to the movies!!!

  2. check out your local library for their summer reading programs. the ones in my area have something fun going on 3 or 4 times a week. regal cinemas usually offer free movies during the summer as well. this year, i think they are charging a dollar around here, but it is still a good deal and a great way to beat the heat. hope you have a great summer!

  3. I don't have any bright ideas, but I think I'm gonna try some of your's -- especially the cupcake shop one. Yum.

  4. We're doing ice skating (maybe, the first class didn't go so well and he says he's not going back...) And I'm going to try to do nature walks. We went to some tide pools this week. I'm also on the lookout for small, but fun nature centers.

  5. Oh, the free movies, I forgot about that one. We use to go when they were younger, it was great because if the kids got bored, you could leave early without a worry since it was free.

    I also like the idea of tide pools, it would be a bit of a drive, but it would be so fun!

  6. a lot depends on wher you're living
    Fishing trip
    Walk in the forest (maybe spend the night in a tent)
    Technical Museum (and other Museums)
    any concerts?
    Any car races nearby? Doesn't have to be real cars, RC-cars would for 3 boys....(RC-planes aswell)
    An airfield nearby?
    Build/make things in wood or other stuff...
    If you have any trees in the back yard. a treehouse.
    (well depending how much patience is available)

  7. Thank you anonymous for your list! I forgot about fishing, what a good idea!

  8. ooooh such good ideas!
    Try disc golf in local parks? Love the Library ideas, and hiking &walking in nature, museums, and local community events. How about local splash parks or fountains, try sleuthing out any waterfalls in your area? Does he like to earn money? Maybe he could start a small jobs money making thing with your neighbors...?

  9. Earning money is a great idea, my kids love to earn a few bucks and it keeps them occupied for at least an hour. I’ll need to keep that one in mind!