Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Celebration Without Explosions

We just finished up a great 4th of July celebration with our family. My son is now 4 days in with the new Lithium medication and so far things have been going really good. The only side effect we’ve seen is that he has to drink a lot more water since the Lithium increases his thirst and with that comes more trips to the bathroom. Thankfully this is no big deal, even for my son.

Over the last few days, my son has expressed several times how amazing it would be if this medication worked, I wish you could see his gorgeous smile as he shares how good he’s been feeling and how hopeful he is.

I know it may be way too soon to tell if this is an effective medication for my son, but I noticed several instances this weekend where he would typically explode, but instead, he was able to come back down from his stress. Especially today, with all the loud, unexpected noises of the 4th of July, my son had some moments of anxiety, where I was expecting him to lose it, but he didn’t, instead he was able to calm down using basic methods, such a taking a deep breath to regain control of himself.

I have to say, it was a special day to have fireworks being the only thing to explode!

Happy 4th of July everyone!


  1. Hi Mama Bear,
    I was so happy to see your post today! What a change from last week. We will keep your son in our thoughts and hope Lithium helps him more and more. My daughter has been on it for a long time and it does help manny different symptoms! Keep up posted.

  2. Fingers and toes are crossed for you and your family!

  3. Yay! Glad you guys had a happy 4th. We did too.

  4. I have been very hopeful and curious on how things went.
    Hope !
    Don't get put down if there's a drawback.
    If it is quiet for a while it , you must not let drawbacks get you by surprise. Don't worry. Just stay calm.
    And the best of luck to you.

  5. Anonymous- I'm glad to hear that your daughter is having a good response with Lithium, do you remember how soon you saw improvement, and has there been any side effects she has to tolerate?

    Heather-Glad to here it was a good celebration for you too!

    PG- Thanks so much, and thanks for all the info you sent me, I appreciate you wanting to help!

  6. Great news- I hope things continue to go well with your son. I met a man with bipolar and I shared alot of the trials with my daughter- he was very kind and one statement he made sticks with me-- he said that the first time he took Lithium- he thought- "wow, this is how the rest of the world thinks". Granted, his life was not without struggles but still- gives me hope for you that your son is getting a reprieve from intrusive thoughts and on his way to stability. I suspect we will add Lithium (or change to) one day but our situation called for the "big guns" of atypicals first.

  7. That is so wonderful...I am so hopeful for him!

  8. So happy to hear this! We may turn down that road next week. Hugs!

  9. So happy to hear that! SW