Friday, July 29, 2011

Lithium at 29 Days

We’re now 29 days in on Lithium. My son recently increased his dose for the first time and felt a little nausea and loss of appetite, but now he’s feeling great and free from side effects.

This week, we had another blood test and are happy to report that at .9, he’s in great therapeutic range and the doctor has decided to leave him be and see how he does when he returns to school.

Overall, we can’t be happier with the results we’ve seen so far. He continues to be more social, having play dates everyday. He’s also trying to get along with his brothers more and likes to help out around the house. Recently, he took on a dog sitting job for a neighbor and has loved earning extra money and even saved up a little to buy himself a desk for his room. This was a big step since he’s never been able to save money, typically spending it right away. He’s also talking about being excited for school to return and hanging out with the cool kids. This is amazing, if you consider that at the end of school a few months back, he wasn’t even able to socialize. Additionally, he continues to take on more adventurous activities without being rattled by his anxieties, simply put... he seems like a normal 10 year old boy!

We don’t have a perfect child by any means, but this is not what we’re striving for. He doesn’t seem drugged-up or like a zombie, instead he’s very engaged, often following me around the house chatting away and seems to have an ease or calm about him. At times, he falls into old behavioral habits of acting poorly, but unlike the past, we’re able to reason with him and guide him on how he should act. This is a first, since in the past, any type of correction would lead to escalating behavior or even a rage.

So what can I say, we’re living our dream right now. I feel like we have our son back and he’s seeing life with a new pair of eyes.  Praise God and pray that this success continues!

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  1. Mama Bear's MILJuly 29, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    My heart swells with "happiness" for ALL of us, but most especially for that very special guy that has had such challenges. I know it is making a difference to every one of you, also. I can just "see" that smile on your face, Mama Bear.


  2. I am so happy to hear this! It is what we strive for as well. Your post gives me hope for my sweet boy! Hoping your sweet boy continues to enjoy life!

  3. just happy for you. As my daughter has done well, I feel my own tensions dissolving and have begun to live normally again- I hope the same for you and yours:)

  4. Praise God indeed! I'm so elated for ya'll! Lithium has been Charlie's God-send. Thanks for the undate!

  5. Oh honey, I am so so so happy for you all! I just pray we can find that space of peace and health so she can grow appropriately and so too can the rest of us. I know you know what I mean.

  6. Yay! So glad to hear it is going well.

  7. Yay! Yay! Yay! So happy for y'all. I know it is a much needed breakthrough.

  8. Can I ask how you are dosing it? My son is 10 also and weighs 104lbs. Thanks!

  9. Parrules-Yes, he's around 80 pounds and takes 2 pills in the morning and 2 at dinner. (150 mg pills)

  10. Hi Mama Bear,
    How long did it take for you to see a difference? We are on day 10. I appreciate you and all you do. I feel SO lonely at times, as does my son. Friendships are so hard for him and it breaks my heart. Glad you are seeing good results.

  11. parrules- We saw some initial results at 4 days, just subtle differences in his response to things, he didn't trigger as much and he started showing empathy. The doctors didn't believe we could see anything so soon and told us to give it a minimum of 30 days at therapeutic dose before making a judgment. We were lucky that he continued to get better from that point on. I don't think it is typical to see results so soon. Also, some kids are having to come off other drugs as the lithium is starting so there is a lot of changes happening in their body that can disguise the benefits. I would definitely wait until after 30 days at the final dose before looking at it closely. Hang in there, I know how tough it can be waiting for results. I will be praying for your son tonight!

  12. Thank you so much. We had another rough day today. Prayers are always good!!

  13. I am happy to hear that everyone is doing well with the Lithium. I just had the conversation with our doc and I am considering it. May I ask what dosage are your kids at and how much weight gain. Are you only using lithium or are you using other meds or CAM with it

    1. My son takes 600 mg a day: 300 in the morning and 300 at dinner.

      He currently weighs about 80 lbs.

      We’ve seen no weight gain from the meds.

      He current;y takes Tenex, Trilepal, Lithium and melatonin