Friday, July 22, 2011

Welcome Oprah Viewers!

Today the Oprah show did a re-air of The Boy Who Tried to Kill His Mother. If I hadn’t known from the advertisements, I would’ve known from the large number of hits to my blog due to the google searches that pulled up my links regarding this episode.

I figured this would be a great opportunity to take a moment to welcome anyone who’s visiting my blog for the first time in search of information about children with mental illness. I want to welcome you and invite you to ask any questions about my 10 year old son and our unique situation. If you don’t want to ask publicly, you can email me with the address listed in the right column. Or you can become a follower and watch our journey as we go.

For many families like myself, we live in isolation, often facing ridicule from the community that surrounds us. If I could share with you our truth, maybe there’ll be more understanding and compassion. Allowing my son and children like him to live in a world where they’re supported in their weaknesses and valued in their strengths.

So, Oprah viewers, what would you like to know?

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  1. Oh sweetheart. Watching that I send all the positive love and energy your way that I possibly can. Heaven hold you.