Sunday, August 28, 2011

57 Days—A New Record!

Today is the boys’ first day of school—I’m jumping for joy! After the cancellation of school last week, due to the evacuations in our area, we had 1 bad day where my son was impulsive and irritable, demonstrating “on the prowl behavior”, then the day finished with some depression and trouble falling to sleep. Though the day was challenging and stressful, it was no where near the severity we’ve seen in the past. I felt like we were on the edge of a rage, but it never happened! This is huge!

Then I counted the days. It’s been 57 days of sweet, amazing stability! This is an all time record. Seriously,  prior to Lithium, the longest we’ve gone was 29 days back in April of 2010. But what’s even better is the fact that the breakthrough symptoms were not as bad as they were in the past. By the next day, my son was already commenting on the fact that he was feeling so much better and was back to his normal self.

Being that our psychiatrist told us that breakthrough symptoms are considered normal and recognized as being part of a successful treatment plan. I didn’t worry about the episode, instead I focused on teaching my son that there will be days where the symptoms come back and that he should focus on coping while he waited for the good feelings to return. Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened.


  1. I am so happy for you. When my kids are stable, everyone is happier. Here's to many more days like you've been seeing.

  2. I am so happy to hear this! That is a loonng time for stability. Your family must be feeling less stressed. Good to know that break through symptoms are normal. I hope the lithium keeps holding your guy at stable.

  3. Awesome news! Great that he was able to deal with a stress situation and keep it all together.

    I see my daughter seeming more stressed, wearing less makeup (sure sign of depression for her) so is it school starting, decreasing Seroquel?? Hard to tell- she is still doing great compared to last summer so???

    So interesting that breakthrough symptoms are normal.. does anyone have more information about this? Our Pdoc is somewhat conservative so he won't change a med on mild symptoms but when do you know what is breakthrough and when is time to change???

  4. E-I believe our psychiatrist said that if things are 80% under control, they consider that success. Does anyone else have more info on this?

  5. That's fantastic, Mama Bear! E, your question about breakthrough symptoms versus symptoms that require a med change is a good one. Our psychiatrist hasn't given us any statistics, but has always said we shouldn't expect perfection. 80% under control sounds reasonable to me. Even though my daughter has been stable for the past couple of years, she always goes through a period of being more irritable than usual and down on herself (especially her appearance) at the start of each new school year. Last year, I think it took her about a month to settle down (we sent her back to her old therapist, which helped, and I am doing the same thing this year). If your daughter's symptoms persist after she's had a chance to adjust to school, it might be time for a med change.