Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School Cancelled!

Well, we were all ready for school with backpacks filled, lunch boxes set out and clothes selected for the big day. And did I mention I was day dreaming about my long awaited free time after the boys were in school? Well it was all for nothing because our district had to close down our school due to evacuations in the area. Big bummer!

I have to admit, I was feeling pretty low with this announcement, that meant no “me” time after our long summer together. But what surprised me was my boys’ reaction, they were devastated, even crying over this news. It’s hard to believe, huh!

But I have to admit, it was refreshing to see my oldest so excited for school. Last year he was pretty depressed and would’ve paid good money to not go to class, but seeing him so thrilled to get back to school to see all his friends brought me so much joy. Having to tell him it was cancelled was another thing, kinda like canceling Christmas morning.

So tomorrow, summer is another day longer and we’re going to make it something special, anything to cheer these boys back up and for me to enjoy our time together. Though I will admit, I may be day dreaming a little about the first day of school on Thursday.


  1. You took it better than I would Mama Bear. My kids go to school a week from today and if that gets canceled you just might hear the scream from the East Coast all they way on the West Coast. Never under estimate the power of "me" time!

    I wish for you an empty house today....


  2. I agree with Betsy. I would have been more upset than my children. That first day of school is so peaceful. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as you enjoy that peace!!

  3. Bummer! But how nice that your kids are excited for school. Going back is a very sore subject around here! I plan to take Bug for a little back-to-school shopping the day before she starts so at least she'll be excited about having a new outfit to show off on the first day.

  4. Well we just got word that the schools won't open until Monday. Now who wants to tell my kids the bad news???