Monday, October 31, 2011


This weekend we went “Booing”! It was a blast! All three of my boys dressed up as dark ninjas as they set out to deliver goodie bags undercover to friends in the neighborhood. Their mission wasn’t complete until they rang the door bell and hid in the nearby bushes to watch the unexpecting homeowner open the door and discover their surprise of candy and small toys. You know, the good stuff like plastic spiders and vampire teeth. As “Mama Bear Ninja”, my role was to hide out in my cool mini van down the street and wait for my 3 giggling boys to return with their mission complete.

There was code names, abandoned missions and serious fun! I can honestly say that I felt my heart beat a little faster with excitement as I watched my 3 boys take cover in the dark.

These are the moments I’ve longed for, it’s pure joy to live it!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Now go make some memories!


  1. What a fun idea! So glad you're getting to experience these moments of joy. Happy Halloween!

  2. How fun. We've never had our act together enough to do this, but wish we did.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. How wonderful! I'm so happy you and your little guys had so much fun and made good memories together. :)

  4. Lovely - so glad you embraced this opportunity! What a treasure this experience must have been!

    Bravo Mama Bear!

  5. How wonderful mama! This is the first year I ever heard about the secret BOOing! Game. We saw signs in our old neighborhood this year and asked someone about it. How awesome that your guys got so into it with ninja costumes and everything. Awesome!.