Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finding His Way

Today my son came home from school in a great mood because he made a new friend. If you remember my last post, my son admitted to having a 504 plan to another girl who also had one. Well today, this same girl was very friendly, following him around and wanting to visit with my son. Then during recess, she shared that she had an autoimmune disease and this was the reason for her 504 plan. From there, the two formed an instant friendship out of having something unique in common.

What was exciting to see was how much my son enjoyed talking with this girl, he said, “Talking with her about our 504 plans was the best part of my day, it made me feel good, like I wasn’t the only one.”

I smiled at his words and told him how proud I was of him to open up with others. I also let him know that people find that “good feeling” in support groups and I explained that if he ever wanted to try one we could look into it, in the meantime, I think it’s so cool that he’s finding his own way.


  1. That is so great! Having another friend with a mood disorder at school (who also takes medication and has an IEP) has been so good for Bug. As you say, it really helps to alleviate that feeling of "being the only one." It is wonderful to see how far your son has come in the past few months.

  2. Oh wow!! That is such wonderful news! It is so hard to find a good friend who will share and keep information like that. I am so proud of that little girl for opening up and so happy for your little man to have a blossoming friendship. By the way, what is 504 plan? Is it like an emergency plan in case of a health crisis?

  3. Bugs Mom- You're right, my son has come a very long way, it is hard to believe at times!

    In the Pink- A 504 plan is a plan the school creates that outlines accommodations they will make for our son. Basically we created a list that the school agrees to adhere to, such as having a quiet room to go to if he needs it, extra time on homework if he destroys it in a rage, no public performances (like christmas musicals), no presentations in front of the class, his desk can be situated to his preference, anything to help reduce stress and promote the best outcomes. So far the school has been great and very flexible.

  4. I know this is kinda an old post, but I was just curious how running would affect your son and why he was not allowed/expected to participate?

  5. Anonymous- Great question! Running is good for my son and he really enjoys it, but where we live, the heat can get pretty high and it would be dangerous for him to run in such high temps. He usually lets the teacher know if the heat is bothering him, especially with his Lithium, he has to be careful. Now, things have cooled down and he is trying to be the fastest in his class.