Thursday, November 17, 2011

Peer Perspective

Yesterday we had our parent teacher conferences. I was very pleased to see that my son is performing well academically and that his teacher continues to support us and make modifications when necessary. One of the modifications she made at the meeting was to allow my son to slip quietly into the library to get a head start on his homework 15 minutes before class ends each day. We’ve found that my son is much more willing to do his homework when in school, but once at home he gets overwhelmed with the amount of work and starts to stress out, which as you can imagine, shuts down all productivity. So we agreed that giving him a head start at school will help him not feel so overwhelmed and give him a sense of accomplishment before the stress sets in.

The highlight of the meeting came when the teacher shared that earlier in the week she had a conference with another student who sits at my son’s table. During the meeting the girl showed her parents her desk. As they were checking it out, her Mom asked who she sat next to in class. The teacher overheard the student say, “I sit next to (my son’s name) and he doesn’t say mean things like last year, he is really nice now.”

It was awesome to hear a peer perspective of how far my son has come. Things are not perfect by any means, but the change is monumental!


  1. Oh that is priceless and just all over wonderful. What a difference medicine has made in him.

  2. That is so great! And really cute, too.