Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prayer is Requested...

Tonight I read the heartbreaking post by my fellow blogger Accidental Expert at Raising Complicated Kids. She’s in desperate need for prayer and is asking for it tonight. Please go to her blog now to read her story and lift a prayer up for her son and her family. We may be divided by distance and online anonymity, but we can come together in the name of God.

A Call To Prayer:


  1. Mama Bear, thank you for having such a big heart and making all of us special needs mom bloggers feel the sense of community and support.


  2. I have said a prayer for this family! I can understand the gut wrenching decision they must make. We were at one time advised to send our son away for 18 months. Thankfully we did not go along with that advice. But it was only 1 person telling us that....I can't imagine if all our resources were in agreement. Devastating!

  3. Mama Bear: My heart and prayers go out to AccidentalExpert and her family. My prayer is that God will keep His comforting arms around them all. Thank you, Mama Bear, for being the loving and caring person that you are!