Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Special Request

When talking with my middle son about how to help him cope with the stress he sometimes feels from his brother, he suggested doing more family fun nights.

For us, a family fun night may be as simple as playing a board game or watching a special show together, nothing too fancy. But I will admit, at the end of the day when things are rough, it can be hard to pour into my kids with this kind of energy. Playing with my kids is hard work, there’s a lot of referring and negotiating that needs to take place, including the typical “stop touching your brother and watch the movie” moments. Depending on how stable your child is, this may need to wait until things are better, but if things are on the upswing, I think we all can agree this is a good idea.

But what I didn’t realize was the kind of impact it had on the siblings. My middle son explained this when he said, “We need to do more family fun nights because it helps me feel safe while having fun at the same time. If you and Dad are there playing a game with us, I feel like you can protect me and I get to relax and enjoy my family.”

Pretty insightful kid, huh!


  1. That "middle son" of yours is an old soul in a kid's body. Love him! It is always amazing when your own kids can make you see things in another way...a way you never thought about. Hugs those kids for me!!!

  2. Dawnelle- I couldn't agree more! Sending hugs their way for you!

  3. Wow! He is wise beyond his years for sure! Family Fun Nights - I remember those! I miss those! I hope you are able to have many Family Fun Nights and that they can actually be fun for you too :)