Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful for the Small Moments

With Thanksgiving break in full swing, we’re seeing our son struggle with all his free time. The change in structure is difficult for him and he seems to be off lately. Today, I spent my time keeping him from bothering his brothers by redirecting him into projects or activities that he can do by himself. Unfortunately, I had to do this over and over and tonight I feel pretty exhausted. I’m also concerned that he may be falling below his therapeutic range.

But tonight, I want to focus on the positive. It’s the small moments that for most seem pretty ordinary.

It’s the moment I see my son smile.

It’s the time we went on our first night walk, laughing and connecting like never before.

It’s the evening I picked my son up from a birthday party and he asked to stay longer.

It’s the day my son swam across a lake with his brothers, giggling like little boys should.

It’s the day my son decorated our door with welcome home signs for his Dad after a business trip.

It’s the day my son did his homework without going into a rage.

It’s the moment my son tries to help his younger brothers.

It’s the moment when my son agrees to be flexible.

It’s the silly moments where our house fills with laughter over farts and poop jokes.

It’s the moment when we all cuddle on the couch to watch our favorite show.

It’s the moment when my son opens up his heart and shares his life with his “uncool mom”.

It’s the moment when I feel like we’re just an ordinary family, living an extraordinary life.

Tonight I am thankful for all this and more. I’m also thankful for all of you who follow my blog, allowing me to share our journey and support us along the way.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. We are thankful for you! Thank you for all you do and continue doing for your family. You are loved!

  2. Mama Bear,
    Very well put!Have a wonderful holiday with your family and continue to focus on the positive! Every day is a new beginning!

  3. I'm trying my hardest to be thankful right now. There's this terrible wait while we try to find the right meds for our daughter... So I feel reduced to being thankful for gas in our cars and shoes on our feet even though it feels like our family is falling apart. Thanks for the reminder that being thankful for the little things is ok.

  4. Cathy- I’m sorry to hear about your struggle with your daughter, I really believe that we can find true happiness in life when he can appreciate the small things. Though at times I know they are hard to find, grab on to any you can embrace. It will get you through these tough days. Hang in there!