Thursday, November 24, 2011

Family, Feast and Fun!

Today was a great day with family and a delicious Thanksgiving feast. Both my husband and I woke up in a great mood, there was a feeling of optimism and appreciation for all we have to be thankful for. It’s been about 5 years of really tough stuff and this year we felt like we could sit at the table feeling at peace.

After a fun day of spending time with family we love so much and being spoiled by my awesome mother-in-law who worked in the kitchen the entire day preparing an incredible feast, I’m now off to do something ridiculus, I’m going into Target at midnight to do some black friday shopping. Go ahead, make all the jokes you want, yes I am one of the wild ones. But I do have my limits, no standing in line outside the building, so I’ll be following the crowd in to pick up their leftover scraps. Hopefully I can save our family a few bucks. If not, I’ll be back in bed and sleeping in, there will be no early rising tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


  1. hi mama bear,
    just wondering ,did your son rages and hearing voices ,and the terribles violent behaviour started before or after the meds ?
    i mean before the meds did you recall the behaviour being as bad as after the meds?

  2. hi mama bear ,
    just wondering did your son violent rages were there before the meds ?or they got worst with the meds?

  3. Was thinking about you on Thanksgiving knowing that it must have been really special one for your family this year. Sounds like it was!

  4. Anonymous- Good question. My son was more violent before the meds. The meds gave him some control so we could try and help him cope when upset. It wasn't until we used meds that therapy even became possible. Our son has always been better on meds and he himself will tell you life is easier for him on meds. Before meds his trigger would switch and we had no ability to pull him back. With meds, this trigger to the dark side slowed down and we had more opportunities to diffuse the situation. With the addition of Lithium, the rages have almost completely disappeared. I believe he has only had 2 rages in 5 months! This is a life changer for us. At one point we tried to remove one of his meds and in a matter of a week we had major issues at school with him threatening other students impulsively. He begged us to put him back on the medication and was mad that we took it away since he says he loses control without it. Once we returned the medication back to normal, he improved. Nothing is perfect, but for us, meds have made him better. I hope this helps with your question.

    In The Pink & Bugs Mom-Thank you! I hope you had a great day with your family too.