Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Stress

If you’re a mom multi-tasking during the holiday season, you’re likely to suffer from some holiday stress. I think I have a full blown case of it and I’m certain it’s contagious. Which is exactly why I’m trying my best to find my calm. I have so many things to do with so little time and the more stress I have, the more stress I spread to my family. 

I particularly notice that my oldest son is extra sensitive to my emotional state. He has a tendency to read my emotions, even when I’m trying to hide my stress, if it’s there, he can pick up on it. Which can have a negative impact on his stability. 

So my first line of defense has been prayer. I’ve been doing more of that lately. Tonight I also went on a date with my husband to reconnect and push my work to the side. I’m also trying to focus on “one day at a time” and exercise regularly. But I know the week ahead will bring many more obligations and once the kids are on vacation, everything gets more challenging. 

So, what are you doing to find your calm in the chaos of the season? Please share!


  1. children are in year round schools and they have been tracked out the whole month of Dec. It hasn't been too bad so far. When they are tracked out and especially this time of year I get out by myself or with friends on the weekends to rejuvenate myself for the next week. Also my daughter and I will be going to visit family for a few days soon. This gives me and her a break from my son with the mood disorder. It's a nice reprieve and I'm so grateful my hubby makes it happen.

    My son also is very intuitive when it comes to my moods. Makes it very hard for me to be in a grumpy or sad mood.

  2. You are so right about our kids picking up on our moods even when we think we're hiding them. One way I'm trying to cope with the stress of the holidays is to give myself permission to NOT do everything. For example, I really wanted to try a new decorating idea in one part of our house. But it would have meant another trip to a crowded store, buying the necessary items, taking the time to figure out how to do it, etc. So I asked myself if it was really worth the added stress just to make my house a little cuter for the holidays. And I decided it wasn't.

    As Bug's an only child, I'm also trying to plan some playdates/sleepovers for he over the break. It usually makes my life easier when she has a friend over. Otherwise, she starts getting bored and irritable.