Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Decisions Ahead...

Tonight I came home from the gym and my son came up and gave me the biggest, longest hug. It was fantastic! I’ve noticed that he’s doing so much better now that he’s back in school. I think we all realized the strain that Thanksgiving break caused, it was a whole week off with a lot of boredom, which unfortunately leads to trouble. Anyone else experience this with their child?

Now that things are going smooth again, we’ve been busy trying to decide whether or not to do the kidney biopsy in a week and a half (our current appointment) or wait to do it with our new HMO. The advantage of waiting is that we won’t have to travel 3 hours out of town to a major city for the procedure, instead, we’ll be much closer to home. Our concern with this trip is that after my son has the procedure, he’ll have to spend another 4 hours in the hospital, making it a whole day event. When we head home, he’ll be coming off the medications used to put him under. In the past, after his MRI, we had the opportunity to see that this transition can be very unsettling, bringing out cycling moods and intense anger or sadness hours later. My concern is that we’ll be stuck in city traffic, 3 hours from home and he’ll become unstable. Not fun!

The downfall of having it done with our new HMO is that we’ll have to jump through several hoops to get our referrals and approvals set in place. Delaying the needed procedure. Also not fun.

Hmmm... decisions, decisions...


  1. My children are in year round schools and after today they are tracked out until Jan. 2nd. They have off the whole month of Dec. Somebody help me! LOL

    Good luck with your decision on the kidney biopsy. I would also really think about having it done closer to home.

  2. If it were my family, I would definitely go ahead and do the biopsy. God forbid you move to the new HMO and they deem it medically unnecessary right now. A few hours of raging/cycling child is well worth knowing what is going on with his health.

  3. Also, with this biopsy you can tell the anesthesiologist about the reaction your son had to anesthesia previously and they can change the combination of medications they use this time and see if that helps.