Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting Back into the Game

It feels so good to have the kids back in school!

Can I say that again?

It feels SO GOOD to have the kids back in school!!!

Everyone is doing great at getting back into our daily routine, the rhythm of our family just feels “right” once again. My son seems to be tackling his homework well, this is after tearing up his Christmas homework packet and informing me that he was not going to do it EVER during his Christmas break! But now that he’s back in school, he’s working hard and complaining a whole lot less. Things aren’t perfect, but it’s been manageable.

As for me, I’ve gotten back into the game. I’ve increased my workouts and I’ve removed the excess junk food from my diet—sorry but I just couldn’t resist all the yummy Christmas treats around the house. Did I tell you that my husband came home with a huge gift basket of Godiva Chocolates! I couldn’t help but splurge everyday during vacation. I’ve also committed myself to going to bed earlier, I tend to stay up past midnight when we’re on vacation and after a few weeks, I started to feel run down. And spiritually, I’ve recommitted to my bible studies, yes they too have suffered over the holiday season. So now that I’ve gotten back on track, I’m excited to share how great I feel. I have so much more energy, I can cope with stress better and just feel happier overall. I guess there’s really something to taking care of oneself, the rewards are worth the sacrifices.

How about you? Have you made any changes or committed to a New Year’s resolution?

* * *

Here’s a sweet treat that’s loaded with antioxidants that my son and I love!

My Blueberry Pie Smoothie:
Mix in blender:
1 bag of frozen blueberries 
Add milk (to the level of the blueberries or a dash more to allow the berries to blend)
Add vanilla yogurt (several large spoonfuls)
Add 1-1/2 graham crackers (sounds strange but trust me, it’s very yummy)
Add cinnamon (I like a lot—about 3-4 dashes)

Blend and enjoy!


  1. My New Year's Resolution is to stop saying yes to things I do not want to do. I will stop saying yes to others needs when it sacrifices my needs (excluding my nieces needs). I will also say no to my anxiety by talking to my psych more openly about my social anxiety so we may create a plan to overcome the panic.

    I am so happy your year is starting off on the right foot. Happy New Year Mama Bear!

  2. In The Pink- Oooo, that's a good one, I like saying "stop saying yes", sometimes I fall into doing too much because of all my "yes". A friend told me that she says "yes" to what's best, even though all options are good.

  3. OddLy enough, my "resolution" is to make sure I am not imposing my own expectations on my daughter. It's less a resolution than it is a new way of living. I would give anything to have her back in school, but I am learning that her successes are going to be in her own time. We are starting to have great success with Abilify, which is a huge praise. We are loving her where she is and are excited to see where she's headed. As long as I am reading my Bible and praying often, I can focus on God's plan in our lives, not the expectations of the world around us. Does that make sense?

  4. Cathy-- I love what you said, " loving her where she is"--what a wonderful place to parent! I'm sure you'll experience less pain and more joy going this direction.

  5. Hi Mama Bear
    I am in the process of starting my own blog just created today. It is about my struggles as a 12 year old kid with the bipolar mood disorder that was diagnosed when I was 9. I was getting it going when my mom mentioned your blog. She researches everything excessively before allowing me to do practically anything, mostly before the doctor gives me meds. I was surprised she gave me permission for a blog. Anyway, I read a couple of the important post and I see I can relate to your son. It is so hard to live that way, for the person going through it and the people around them. Your blog helps me understand how much my parents go through also. Thank you for putting this blog together.

  6. Charchoal13- You’re so welcome! It sounds like you have a wonderful mom to support you in such a way. I hope you find blogging helpful, it has really helped me in so many ways. Let us know where we can find your blog once you get it up and going. I was curious, what symptoms could you relate to in my son? You don't have to share if you don't want, but I too am always researching for more information. I have so much to learn. Good luck with your blog!