Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love My Son...

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to tell my son:

I love your smile.

I love your creative mind.

I love your long eyelashes that make every woman jealous!

I love that you’re not afraid to say that you hate sports.

I love that you take enjoyment out of inventing things.

I love that for you, a “special night” is cuddling on the couch with your Mom or Dad.

I love that you’re brave enough to try things that scare you.

I love that you’re brave enough to tell us “No” when it’s too scary.

I love that you keep photos of your Mom and Dad in your room.
(even as you get older with friends hanging out in your room)

I love that you save the encouraging notes I write you.

I love that you truly appreciate the things we do for you.

I love that you are a master organizer.

I love that you like to shop with me.

I love that I never have to ask you to clean your room.

I love that when you’re feeling great, you surprise me with a hug.

I love that you embrace jammie day to the fullest.

I love that you like to cook waffles for the family at dinnertime.

I love the expression on your face when you’re at the ocean.

I love that you now crave Chipotle burritos. 
(after years of hating the loud noises in the restaurant)

I love that you aren’t afraid to call a friend.

I love that you enjoy old family photos and home movies as much as I.

I love that you still ask me to tuck you in at bedtime and pray with you.

I love that you tell me about your latest crush at school.

I love that you feel comfortable to ask me ANY question.

I love that you keep trying even after you mess up.

I love that you forgive me when I don’t handle things well.

I love that you trust me.

I love that you are my son.


  1. Mamma Bear,
    You are absolutely the best! What an amazing Mom you are!

    I wanted to touch base with you because O just started taking Lithium last Thurs eve. I haven't had a moment to write about it at all on my blog, but would you be willing to email me?

    1. Thanks Mel, I’ll get in touch with you through email.

  2. I love that you are so open, honest, and candid about the trials you and your family go through with the mental illness aspects of life. Beautiful post....very lovely.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your comment, I often question if I am being too open and honest, but I try to keep it real knowing that it can help other families.

  3. Really nice piece, Mama Bear. Your unconditional love for your son always shines through, even when you're struggling. He is so lucky to have you for a mom.

  4. Mama Bear- By being honest and open you do help other families. Be assured of that. Mental illness needs to be discussed in open forums like this to help parents and families and also to reduce stimga.