Thursday, February 2, 2012

On the Right Path with Therapy

Today my son met his new therapist, even though I liked her, it was important that he felt the same too. In the past, the therapists have always spent their time talking to me and advising me on how to manage my son’s symptoms. But today was a completely different experience. My son spent the entire time alone with the therapist. I have to admit, the control freak in me kept wondering what was going on behind the closed door, but when I saw his smile after he walked out, I was thrilled.

She seemed to have a great connection with my son, as she walked out she shared how much she loved talking to my son, saying how smart he is and how talkative he was. She encouraged us by telling us that lithium is most optimal after 9 months at the therapeutic level and we’re still a few months away from that, so we have good things coming. Then she explained to us the healing ability Lithium has on the brain and how my son has a bright future ahead.

At the end of the appointment she explained to me that his time with her would be kept private and that he could share whatever he wanted on his own. I think this was really great for my son, it made it about “him”, he was now part of the process instead of adults talking about him. Then she booked us another appointment next week. I asked her how often she wanted to meet since our old HMO only met once a month and she laughed and said, that’s not therapy, no I’d like to meet once a week. Once things get better we can go once every few weeks.

After our appointment my son looked relieved and very happy. He asked me if the therapist believed in God. I said, “I don’t know, why?” He said, “Well she told me that God has given me some special gifts, you know, how creative I am and how I build stuff all the time.” He then said, “she asked lots of questions and said that we’ll play games too. Next time I get to build stuff during our appointment!”

I can tell that he really loved the experience and was already establishing the trust needed for these sessions. When I asked how she compared to all the other therapists we’ve met, he responded, “She’s the best, none of the other doctors ever really talked to me before.”

I’m so happy today, I feel like we’ll being experiencing therapy for the first time, the way it needs to be done. I think it’s terrific that she’s building a relationship with my son by spending the time with him and meeting every week. I also love the fact that this is “his therapy”, I finally feel like we’re on the right path and my son is going to lead the way!


  1. I am soooo happy for you and your son! Hugs and kisses to you all!!!!!

  2. That is great!! Sounds like your son will accomplish a lot with her!

  3. Smiles! Yes this sounds like how therapy should work. I do know what you mean about wondering what is going on in there...

  4. Yay! Hooray for trusting your instincts and moving on! On another note, our psych told us the same thing about the lithium being one of only a couple drugs that actually encourage brain regeneration/repair. That is very comforting to us since our son has been down so long. Anyway, congrats!