Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll!

It’s been a great weekend! Our new family plan continues to be a success and we’ve had some really wonderful moments together. Today we planted a family garden and gave the boys a chance to run on some open property in our foothills! Pretty cool stuff for growing boys. The kids seem to be getting better at the structure and predictable outcomes. We’ve noticed that this past week our oldest son has gone into his room for timeouts without fighting it, this in itself is a miracle. As for me, I’ve noticed less battles and a more peaceful home.

I also think that trying to keep a regular schedule throughout spring break was helpful. I made sure meals and bedtime were about the same time each day. Keeping us on track helped with the rhythm of my son’s body, helping his moods overall. Or we are just experiencing a positive period between moods, either way I’ll take it!

Pray for us as we go back to school tomorrow, as you may know transitions can be brutal.

* * *

For those that are interested in the details of our new family plan, this book my friend gave me explains it all. Thank you SW!! Check it out!:


  1. That is great news!! I'm glad you guys had a nice Spring Break :)

  2. Oh! I'll have to check out the book! Glad your break went well. You're right too that transitions are tough. Hope today went well!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I hope you like the book, I was impressed with how many valid points the writer makes, it all seemed to make sense when I read his plan. I hope you can give it a try and find success with it.