Sunday, May 6, 2012


Part of our behavior modification plan is a weekly payday. At the end of each week we evaluate how our kids did, reviewing all inspections and any poor behavior such as hitting, threatening or as you can imagine, the list goes on. Based on the evaluation the kids can earn up to $3.00 (yes, we’re high rollers here) but if they didn’t pass most of their inspections or if they hurt someone or cussed, they earn less or no money.

The purpose of the weekly evaluation is to provide some long term goals for choosing good behavior where the 3 daily inspections aim to work on short term goals. So if our son doesn’t pass a morning inspection, he loses privileges for a few hours, but has an opportunity to earn the privileges back at the second inspection in the middle of the day. The weekly evaluations can address bigger issues or repetitive behaviors. Plus if my son fails a single inspection, he has motivation for getting back on track, knowing that the weekly evaluation will take into account any rebellious behavior. The result of all these steps is a more peaceful home since we’re nagging and scolding a lot less and conflict has been greatly reduced.

Since we’ve started the program our son has earned less than $3.00 each week, coming at no surprise to him since each week he assumed he wasn’t getting paid or at the most earned a $1.00, but always earning just a little bit more.

But this week, he earned the whole $3.00! What was even more amazing was that it was a very busy week in our home, lots of stuff going on and I was working from home on a project that gave more than enough opportunity to get oneself into trouble, but he rose to the occasion and did awesome.

I can’t tell you how impressed I was or how proud I felt. It was the best $3.00 spent!

As for my son, he was beaming from ear to ear.

* * *

Oh, in case you were wondering how our payday went with our first garage sale, we made almost $450! It’s pretty surprising what people will buy. The boys had a lemonade stand and made $35 over 2 days. It was a pretty successful weekend and was fun to have our family working together for our family vacation fund.


  1. Love it! I need to implement a program like this for Bug. She's dying to have a garage sale, too, but our location isn't really ideal for one. Seeing how well you guys did, maybe I should reconsider:). Did you advertise on Craig's List or anywhere else before the sale?

    1. We did a community sale with our HOA, so they did all the advertising, it was so nice to have that taken care of by someone else.

  2. Congrats on the garage sale! And major kudos on the behavior plan! Good lord, I would not be able to get my son to do anything for $3!

    1. LOL! I know, it's amazing that the $3 bucks works. I know this won't last long...