Thursday, May 31, 2012

Play Therapy

My son continues to see his therapist every week. Today he came into therapy upset because of stress brought on from end of year activities mixed with a substitute teacher and a school routine that’s no longer in place.

My son was determined not to participate in therapy, but like a miracle worker, his therapist empathized with his feelings, sharing that she too was having a bad day, then quickly moved on to a “brain game”. Instantly I saw my son perk up and off he went into her office, only to return with a smile. As he left her office I heard her gentle reminder, “Remember, we all have bad days, but we can choose to do something about it to make it better.”

On the way home my son shared that he was no longer upset and realized that the brain puzzle game he played allowed him to forget about his stress and now he was feeling better.

One can never underestimate the power of a good therapist. This therapist could have so easily headed down a path of lectures with my son, but instead she taught him a valuable lesson on how to cope with a bad day by simply giving his brain something different to think about.

As a bonus, the games she has my son play all require him to think several steps ahead, slowly rewiring his brain pathways to think before acting. This is truly play therapy!

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