Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To the Parents Who Make a Difference

May is Mental Health Month. To many organizations this is a time to reach out to the community and educate others about mental illness.

For me, it’s been a time to get involved. This week I’ve joined a fundraising effort to help raise money for suicide prevention for a small town. It’s been a fulfilling opportunity to use my skills for a cause that feels close to my heart, yet at the same time, I’ve had to look into the eyes of another mother who has faced my worst fear, losing a child to suicide. This past year she lost her son to suicide and like many parents, it was without warning. Hearing her story is heartbreaking to say the least, but through her pain she has demonstrated incredible strength and passion to help others so families can avoid such devastation. 

After this community has lost more than a handful more to suicide this year, she along with two other families that lost their kids have decided to do something about it by creating this fundraising event with hopes of saving lives. They do this without any experience or national organization to back them up. They simply jumped in with both feet, ready to step out of their comfort zone, so they can make a difference in their community at a time when their own pain is still so fresh.

As my friend said through tears, “I want to make sure that no other mother has to suffer the way I have, I will do whatever I can to make that happen.”

And if you’d spent anytime with her, you’d know that she’ll most certainly make a difference. 

I’m so grateful for her and other families like her who through their own pain pull themselves off the ground to make a difference for us. Thank you... from the bottom of my heart.

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