Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trileptal Alert

For all those parents who are using the generic liquid form of Trilepal, oxcarbazepine oral suspension, I got a call from our pharmacy this week when trying to get a refill and was told that it’s been discontinued.

You can still buy the name brand “Trileptal”, but under our plan it came in at $90.00. So if you’re currently using this medication, you may want to contact your pharmacy to see if this affects you before you’re low on supply. As for us, we’re going to switch to the pill form now that he knows how to swallow a pill.

I wish you all a great weekend, we’re getting ready for our first garage sale and the boys will operate a lemonade stand. Our hope is to make enough profit to have a family vacation this summer at the ocean. Wish us luck!


  1. Sorry to hear about the medicine being taken off the market. I get nervous when I have to take a familiar medicine in a new form.

    On the other hand I hope your garage sale makes you lots of money!

  2. Good luck on a profitable garage sale!

  3. Novartis ordered to pay $422.5 million fine for off-label marketing | Philadelphia Inquirer

    The company had pleaded guilty Nov. 2 to marketing Trileptal, which had federal approval as an epilepsy drug, for additional uses that included bipolar disorder and neuropathic pain, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration had not approved those latter uses.

    Prosecutors said that Novartis made hundreds of millions of dollars from its off-label marketing.

    The company was fined $185 million.

    Trileptal, an anti epileptic drug is questionable whether or not it helps the mood, is this added to the Lithium?

    1. Yes, He has been on the Trileptal longer than the Lithium. The doctors are using 2 mood stabilizers instead of a mood stabilizer and a antipsychotic. The Trileptal has helped a lot with his anxieties, but the Lithium has brought stability and even moods overall. We will be evaluating if we can take him off the Trileptal in the future since the Lithium is working so good. One step at a time....

      I wrote a post about the $422.5 fine here in 2010, thanks for sharing it in case people missed this post:;postID=7308140800822169835

  4. Good luck, the docs trialed Trilpetal on my child and removed it (2 times) because it did nothing.