Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More from Sean Costello’s Mom!

Some of you may recall an interview I did over a year ago with Sean Costello’s Mom, Deborah Costello Smith. If you missed it, you can read that interview here:

Sean Costello’s Life

Below is a new message from Deborah about a fundraising campaign to help those who may be putting their life at risk while trying to manage sleep difficulties often faced by those who are suffering from mania. Please read her message below:

* * *

Many of you have heard of the MOJO Project, as we tried to get funding through the Pepsi Grant. We did really well for a new and small organization, thanks to the hard work and sharing of our friends. However, we pretty much found out that you have to have an organization related to animals to win (not kidding)! I’ve been known to hold my umbrella over my rescued dogs who hate rain, and I do support animal causes. I can’t help but think that saving a human life is just as important.

Through the MOJO Project, the Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research can develop a mobile and web-based application to monitor sleep and warn of impending danger of sleep deprivation. This is a particular problem for musicians.We need your help to make the MOJO Project a reality. We have initiated a Fundrazr campaign to do what is called “crowd funding” to get this life-saving application up and running.

You all know Sean’s story, I assume. I have heard one too many of the same (think of sleeping difficulties that led to the deaths of Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger....while it is not known if they were bipolar, they, both busy and creative people, died trying to sleep). This fate isn’t reserved for the famous. Please visit the Fundrazr campaign link and read the message of another mom who too recently lost her beautiful and talented son to mania related to lack of sleep (not drug-related). He was only a few weeks younger than Sean. Heath Ledger was born the same year and month as Sean.....too young to die.

Here’s how you can get involved:
Learn more about the MOJO Project...lack of sleep is a trigger for mania and mania is dangerous.

Donate. Every dollar counts.....$1, $2, $500, whatever you can afford. The amount of one soda from McDonald’s, or one over-priced coffee from Starbucks.

Whether you donate or not, please share the Fundrazr link and the campaign's importance with everyone you know.

Success comes with numbers, and no one can tell the story better than a person committed to our cause.

Use Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, or Pinterest for more than conversation. Use social media to do good, every time you log on. Is there really a good excuse not to? If we only leave this imprint on the world of Bipolar Disorder, our organization would have succeeded, and I can feel that Sean’s death made a difference.

From the bottom of my heart and the hearts of people who have suffered a loss due to mania resulting from sleep deprivation, thank you!

— Deborah

* * *

I’ve added Deborah’s blog, “The Sean Costello Memorial Fund Blog” to my blog roll list on the right, check it out, she has some very powerful posts that you may like to read.


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  2. I'm trying to access the interview post, but am getting an error that I do not have permission to view the page. Did I miss something?

  3. Thanks Wendy for the heads up, I made an error in the link, it should now work for you, check it out, it's a great interview!